Like the majority of companies in these times of uncertainty and health emergency, we are monitoring the situation daily. Our priorities remain to respond to the government's call in a concerted manner, and to ensure the health of our teams. It is still unclear what tomorrow will be like, but we remain positive.

Finally, see below some mandatory rules and instructions on your next visit to the golf course.

Thank you very much and we look forward to seeing you again!

— Grand Vallon Team


  • The golfer should not show up at the golf course if he has Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Departing hours must by booked in advance, by phone or online. 
  • The golfer should arrive maximum 30 minutes before his tee-time. 
  • An employee will welcome the customers to communicate the rules and insctructions. 
  • Only one person is autorized per golf cart, unless they are members of the same family who live together. 
  • Scorecards ans pencils are available on-demand only. 


  • The golfer is encouraged to walk.
  • The golfer must use their own balls everywhere.
  • Do not touch the flags.
  • The rakes will be removed, so smoothen the sand with your feet or a stick.
  • Do not touch the ball, the marker, the cart or equipment from another player.
  • After the round, no handsakes allow. Cordial greetings only.
  • After the 18th hole, golfers must quit the golf course with their equipment.


  • The main building will be closed excepted for the toilets.
  • Access to showers and locker room is prohibited.
  • Anecdote restaurant, the bar service and the terrace will be closed for now.
  • Stick and shoes cleaning service is not offer.
  • The golfer must bring hies equipment back home.


  • Social distancing measures (2m) must be apply. 
  • Promote hand hygiene through posters and provide employees with hand washing stations or alcohol-based gels, gloves and masks.
  • Ask employees daily about their state of health.
  • The frequency of cleaning, sanitation and sanitizing of all locations will be increased.

To learn more, contact us!

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