Le Grand Vallon at Mont-Sainte-Anne recognizes environmental management among its highest priorities and is committed to use the most efficient practices to minimize risks and impacts on employees, guests and environment.

We will operate in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and strive to improve the environmental performance on a continuous basis, taking into account technical developments, scientific understanding, consumer needs and community expectations.

Le Grand Vallon joined two programs launched by the Association of Quebec golf courses, oriented towards sustainable development [ParTROIS] and golf course’s classification.

The management team is comitted to:

  • Integrate the concept of pollution prevention, eco-efficiency and sustainability into its planning and operations.
  • Educate, train and motivate its employees to conduct their activities and work in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Assess the environmental impacts of new projects or activities early in the design stage.
  • Purchase and use products that are environmentally friendly, are efficient in their consumption of energy and natural resources that can be recycled, reused or disposed safely.
  • Operate facilities and conduct activities taking into consideration the efficient use of energy and materials and thus reducing their impact on the environment.
  • Develop and maintain, where significant hazards exist, emergency response plans.
  • Support community program and activities that will improve the environmental quality and enhance environmental awareness.
  • Evaluate activities and the use of products and services and modify these to eliminate, prevent or reduce their environmental impact.
  • Periodically measure environmental performances to assess the progress and to provide appropriate information to the board of directors, the owner, employees, the regulatory authorities and the public.
  • Foster openness and dialogue with employees and the local community, anticipating and responding to their environmental concerns.